Pybber - a Python/Gnome client for Jabber

Pybber is a single window Jabber client that is being written in Python+PyGnome+PyGlade+pyjama. The main objectives of this project is:

  • All chats and group chats in one window, using tabs. Always that's possible, use main window tabs to show things;
  • Gnome panel applet that show client status and the number of messages received since the last window hide.


Installing the beast

Python 2.1 is allowing us to be free of PyRECODE, soon a new tarball (and .deb package) will be available using this one.

If you want to take a look, get the beast from CVS through the following commands:

$ cvs login

$ cvs checkout -Pd pybber

You'll need the module jpy from the PyJaMa project too.

On the password prompt, just press enter

Take a look at it

Take a look at this screenshot (old)

Your turn

Try it out, find bugs, fill bug reports and submit patches using Pybber's SourceForge project page

You're welcome to participate on the Pybber's Open Forums too